Around the world, Versailles is mostly synonymous of a Royal Castle illustrating the grandeur of « the French Century of Lights ».

Every year, over 10 millions visitors experience the unique atmosphere of this UNESCO classified historical landmark.

Versailles definitely deserves more attention than the usual 2 hours château tour.

For your next trip, we would like for you to enjoy a peaceful royal insider’s experience while discovering the French provincial atmosphere of Versailles town and its surroundings.

An extended stay will allow you to explore this beautiful historical city as well as its neighboring region. This area is blessed with multiple major tourist attractions frequently related to its Royal background such as: St Germain en Laye castle, Marly park and fountains, Alexandre Dumas ‘s house, the scenic Seine river banks, downstream from Paris, largely used for inspiration by the impressionists. The list is extensive including the attraction of its huge formerly royal forests, an outdoors paradise.

All local tourism trade professionals decided to join forces in order to offer you easily booked flexible packages. These programs are featuring hotel stays enhanced by pre-booked local visits and timely cultural events. Keeping in mind your best interest, this association will supply you with all theneeded logistic with private local transportation, including Paris and airport transfers.

We invite you to explore these unique “ A la carte”, packages, a sure guarantee of success for an exceptional relaxing stay in our beloved region. Would you like to explore the French capital from Versailles, you will be supplied with private transportation to and from Paris neighboring metropolis.

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      Versailles History Sponsors and Donators

    King Louis the 13th came here with his father Henry 4th to hunt on its grounds. In 1523 he decides to build a hunting manor house where he could hideaway from his court, being shy and secretive.
    King Louis the 14th started the new construction of Versailles in 1660, and created the most amazing and breathtaking Chateau in the world.


      How to visit VERSAILLES Castle. Access from Paris

    Many options are offered: One day Pass, All year self guided visits, Self guided tours with audio-guide, Conferences visits.



    Les Grandes Eaux Musicales, Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes
    Every year, the magic of a royal treat is given to the general public during the Festival of " Versailles Grand Waterworks'. Louis the 14th desire of surpassing in grandeur and beauty the Babylon hanging gardens and Este Villa is now yours !!


      The Academy of Equestrian Show.

    Discover the magnificient royal Stabbles and the shows of the Academy of Equestrian Show directed by Bartabas the famous equestrian …



    Versailles is not just one château's pretty face, as its town and neighboring region are blessed with various major historical monuments, scenic rural environment and cultural entertainment.

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      Your 3 days stay in Versailles

    A group of local French Tourist Trade professionals offer you A la Carte exclusive packages specifically designed for the American clientele.

    - 3 days / 2 nights exclusive Royal Treat Package
    - 2 days / 1 night Versailles Affordable Package

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